Paul Washer’s 7 Warnings to “New Calvinists”

Today, Tim Challies posted his interview with Paul Washer about the “New Calvinist” movement. Among other things, Washer shared 7 concerns with things he’s noticed with the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” (i.e. New Calivinists):

  1. the tendency toward extremes.
  2. the tendency to deny or eliminate mystery from the person and works of God.
  3. an empty intellectualism.
  4. a theological tediousness that trumps love.
  5. the willingness of this younger generation of reformers to embrace the great doctrines of the Reformation while being unwilling to let go of the unbiblical models of ministry and church life that are ingrained in modern evangelical life.
  6. the comprehension of Reformation and Puritan theology without the practice of their piety and devotion to God.
  7. the attempt of many young reformers to appear contemporary, hip, cool or even avant-garde.

I especially share concern 1, 2, and 4. Do any of these warnings resonate with you? Why?